Step-by-step on my altered Instax Mini album feat. Little Birdie Tinted Metallic paint

Hello, dear people.

Yes, I have been away for the longest time. The story is too long to start here, but let's just say an event leading to overwhelming circumstances on the personal front kept me away from crafting (and everything else that was part of my life before the event).

But, I should stop self-mystifying and just say that I am thrilled to be at least crafting once in a while these days and I am particularly excited to share today's project--an altered photo album cover. The original album was this itty bitty photo sleeve book for Instax Mini pictures, something a friend got me back from her trip to Thailand. It is still itty bitty...just turned vintage! :D

Here's the a look at the original album:

I detached the pages and set them aside for the alteration process. In my stash, I found a couple yards of this cream organza fabric from Itsy Bitsy--just what I needed for a quick texture on my substrate. I washed the starch off of the fabric and scrunched it up in a ball after drying it--it held the creases surprisingly well. I lined the outside of the album cover with this fabric--securing it at the back with heavy duty masking tape from Itsy Bitsy.

Next, I rifled through my stash to come up with chipboard shapes, beads, and odds and ends to help build the layers. I added further texture with a flourish (cake) stencil and modelling paste.

I primed the entire surface with gesso and painted it with Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint in Caribbean Teal.

Here's how the color looks in natural light:

I used a clear background stamp from the store and a cameo stamp from my stash to add a bit of interest to the inside covers.

Next, I grabbed my Little Birdie Gold Alcohol Splash sprays in Golden Soot, Gold Nugget, and Citron Breeze and started spritzing color onto the embellishments.

I started with Golden Soot, followed by Citron Breeze...and finally Gold Nugget for the finished look.

Some parts were brighter than I wanted them to be so I dabbed them with a towel dipped in Golden Soot.
Nearly done now--just got some of my metal charms out and embellished the front of the album. I used two brads to attach the photo sleeve pages back to the spine.

Thanks a ton for stopping by. Do let me know what you think of my little altered photo book :)



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