Saved by the bell--altered bottle and jar that nearly landed in trash

Heya there, dear people!

I'm here to share a not-so-proud moment as a crafter. You may know already that I love altering glass bottles and jars, so a few months ago...when I felt like I hadn't crafted in the longest time and my mojo was eluding me, I picked up these couple items to alter.

I believed that a good coat of gesso could lift my low mojo spirits but the pictures below will tell you how wrong I was.

Eww! What is that meat-colored mess! And to think I wasted layers of chalk paint, decoupage tissue (you can see the script and postage motifs peeking through the muddy magenta), and alcohol splashes on it! Off these went--to storage where I would not need to see them.

After a few weeks, I decided to give them another shot--mainly because a crafter friend posted about how she had a low mojo start on a project and how it just did not seem to jump at her until right at the end, when it did!

So here I go, another thick coat of gesso...and this time the coat had to be thicker because gesso could tend to reactivate previous layers of paint...particularly alcohol splashes.

Hmmm...I liked the all white better than what I came up with. Phew!! These looked like they had been left outside the house on Holi Day here in India!

So, off these went again--banished to a closed cupboard somewhere.

Until, I decided to give them a coat of Little Birdie Matt Chalk Paint in Charcoal.

I went on to add a few spritzes of Gold Alcohol Splash sprays (Wild Rose and Gold Nugget) on the embellished areas and painted the insides of the recipients with Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint in Fire Brick.

To finish up, I added light splatters of Fire Brick on each recipient and wrapped a length of jute twine around the necks.

Here's the final project!

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Have a great week!