Hidden in plain sight! Upcycled craft storage ideas feat. Little Birdie Chalk Paints

Hello there, all you lovely crafty people!

It's December, finally! I am excited to share my latest project and a wee bit sorry it's not a Christmas project yet...but I really wanted to get these chalk paint projects out while the Blog Challenge was on so I could join the fun too!

Developments on the personal front have evicted me from my crafting corner. As a result, it's a constant struggle for me to find a spot to craft in and especially to store my supplies, which are growing faster than ever because, as all crafters know, when you craft less, you shop more! *Groan*
So my hunt for storage ideas that did not cost a fortune led me to this--upcycle containers and then hide your supplies inside your art--right in your living room! My unassuming subjects today are these tin cans and some packaging that I held onto, because it felt like a good-sized box to store crafty stuff in...paper scraps, maybe!

Gutting this box proved way more difficult than I had imagined! The inner works were adhered with this monster glue that refused to let go! Luckily, heavy duty masking tape from the store helped fix the frayed inner walls of the box--I taped and primed the bottom half of the box and left it at that. I might go back to it later to paint it, line it with pattern paper or just decorate it with stamped patterns or transfers. Next, I primed the lid and the tin cans with gesso.

I used Muted Teal Chalk Paint on the lid and a can--painting the other two cans in Wild Wasabi and Lemon Chiffon from the older range of Little Birdie Chalk Paints. Yeah, I did sneak in one of the older shades but only my second favourite after Sailing Sky! :D Yeah, so... I badly wanted another bright pastel and did not have a suitable one from the new line. Faded Denim, Whipped Sea Foam or Sandstone from the new range would work great, I think!
Here goes Muted Teal...

I did apply multiple coats to make sure I'd covered the grooves well.

Next up was adding decorative elements to these altered objects. I wanted to try transfers (for the first time) and maybe a few floral accents using decoupage napkins....

The box was to have this label--I had to figure out the floral accents. I also filled in the white rectangle with French Rose from the older range of Little Birdie Chalk Paints. This time around, I wasn't as careful of the borders. I wanted to smudge the harsh lines a little.

This seemed to work... I adhered the label (face down) onto the lid using decoupage glue, let it dry through the night, and then scrubbed the paper off using a wet towel.
[Pinterest is flooded with tutorials on how to do decoupage glue transfers but should you have a question, do reach me!]

I missed a bit of the serif here and there! Yikes! I decided not to try and fix it at this point--better to think of it as part of the shabby scheme of things. I decoupaged the flowers on and added a string of flatback pearls from the store around the pink rectangle.


For the tins, I picked these labels.

I picked a couple of napkins from my stash for the floral accents.

I made a mistake at this stage and had to remove the Wild Wasabi tin can from my post :( Anyway, I hope it will be back with a new lease of life soon.

Here are the finished cans:

A few more shots of the finished items:

Here's what I plan to store in them :)

Thank you for stopping by, dear folks. Do leave me a line with your thoughts.
Happy crafting!


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