Nautical altered tin and bottle feat. Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint|DT post for Itsy Bitsy

Hello, dear crafter folks.

Hope you are having a good week! Mine did go better than I expected! My crafting time is entirely absorbed in alterations these days--what with the new paints in store sending us into quite the tizzy! I'm roaming the house collecting cans, jars, bottles, old albums, books, diaries, mobile phone and laptop boxes...whatever comes in my way...and off they go on to the "in need of paint" shelf :D

My post today is a quick step-by-step on these two altered items I finished yesterday--using Little Birdie's new Tinted Metallic Paint in Caribbean Teal, Little Birdie Matt Chalk Paint in Charcoal, and a few Gold Splash Sprays (I'll list the shades below.).


Here's what I started with:

I removed the label off the bottle but left the tin liner on--it seemed to be fastened well enough to not peel off during altering (luckily, it did not!).
I wanted faux fishnet for my project but had none so I made myself a ragtag length of net (Yay! for Pinterest) to go into the layering :D I started by adding texture on the bottle and the jar using the Irregular Dots stencil  and Mont Marte Modelling Paste from the store. Next, I broke out my little baggies filled with shells (from the store, again), collected an assortment of found objects (some came from a box of mixed media findings I picked up at the Itsy Bitsy store here in Hyderabad a long time ago), trimmed bits of lace out, and made random cuts in a vintage doily to give it the frayed look.

Here's how I made sure the chipboard shape adhered closely to the bottle...hah!

Once I had enough elements up on the recipients, I proceeded to drown everything in good old gesso. I'm kidding, no drowning...keep your brush as dry as possible or the gesso will start peeling off later when you start building layers of paint on it...(nightmare!).

Nearly done with the priming--just had to go back with a fine tipped brush to reach into the nooks and crannies and make sure there was no color peeking through.

Next, I dabbed Little Birdie Chalk Paint in Charcoal on the raised parts, let dry, and proceeded to paint the recipients in Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paint (Caribbean Teal). I painted a section at a time, grabbed a baby wipe, and wiped off paint from the raised bits so the black started to peek through. The result, of course, would be neater with the wax+sandpaper process but I was getting a little impatient by this time--I was desperate to see how it turned out :D

I let the paint air dry for the next couple hours.
Once the recipients were dry, I started spraying them with Little Birdie Gold Alcohol Splash in the following order--Frosted Pool, Citron Breeze, Golden Canary, Pure Gold.
I dripped some Golden Soot into the cracks between embellishments, sprayed it with the blending solution, and quickly blotted the extra ink with a paper towel...leaving only the residual washed out black color to define the layering. The blending solution does tend to reactivate older layers of paint--I added a few spritzes of Pure Gold to make sure the finish hadn't rubbed off when I was blotting the black ink.

Sorry about how this image is blurry--I was losing daylight at my work area by this time.

I dry-brushed some gesso over the black ink to add to the sense of depth (or tried to!)--and that was it! All I had left to do was tie some jute twine around the necks of the bottle and tin and dangle a few goodies (The charms are from my stash but the shells and beads are from the store). I was awfully disappointed when I could not locate my glass vials--but maybe they are meant for a later project.

Here's my finished project:


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Happy crafting!