Memory book/Junk Journal #1 for 2018 | Trash to treasure

Hello and a happy new year, folks!

Thank you for dropping by! I'm finally here with my first post of the year--what better project to share with you today than a memory book I made to make sure the few and far in between fun moments we may have this year do not pass us by unrecorded.

This journal was originally intended to be my turn-of-the-year book which would hold memories from Dec 2017 and January 2018. But then, as is the case with most of my junk journals, I did not know where to stop and this book took up a good part of Dec. Things, obviously, were complicated by the fact that TH got me a sewing machine for my birthday (end-Nov) so I spent a good week in early Dec trying to keep my threads from snagging in the machine...and once I had figured it out, I could not stop sewing paper and scraps and what-not together! And even after it was ready, I did not want to use it until I had filmed it and TH was away until after Christmas so I had no way to film this guy except for single-handedly. :( That is the brief history of my new year journal.

Fortunately enough, nothing noteworthy happened in December. This was my first grown up year without a Christmas tree! So, I'm not awfully cut up over missing December. Lemme see if the next few months pan out okay--maybe I'll get to write in the book after all.

I had to try my first cloth cover now that I have the sewing machine! I definitely need to know more about picking the right kinda fabric for a journal cover, though. This fabric was very difficult to manage!

This guy is 3 signatures strong--over 200 pages (including copier paper, doubled up lined paper, tablet paper, organza fabric, junk mail/invoices, parchment, etc.) For matting, I used 3 sheets out of a floral wrapping paper book.

The embellishments are primarily scraps of pattern paper, dyed paper and fabric ruffles, scraps of fabric, crochet trims, ribbons, and lace. 

Here's a look at the inside pages:

Thanks for sticking with me on this rather lengthy post, dear people!