"Benares" Indian travel themed junk journal

Hello there, lovely craft people and my other friends!

Yes, I know it has been the longest, the most unpardonable silence ever! Phew...work+life has been crazy (not craft work, sadly) leaving me with either little time or little energy on weekends! But, I did manage to squeeze in this project I am sharing today! My first ever junk journal! How I got started on a JJ is a long story...I joined MAS a few months ago, and there were lovely ladies there who were into JJ-s and then I watched a few vids and the way of the universe ruled again--I fell in love with those vintage, shabby little creations with their distressed journaling pages and vintage ephemera (especially all the make-me-weak-in-the-knees Austen stuff)--which, incidentally was not difficult to find! All you had to do was browse the web or buy printables online! Ah...the relief!

And, of course, Papericious released their Incredible India paper pack in the midst of my first flush of JJ-lovin...and it had to be a journal for my trip, which starts tomorrow, BTW! :D (I am NOT packed, and I am not done with my work week, yet! God help me.)

About the vintage India ephemera--well, I did face initial stumbling blocks in knowing what to look for etc., but once I got a hang of it...oh boy! There is such vintage deliciousness out there--I have loads of unused ephemera still!

There was SO much more I wanted to do in this journal...handmade envelopes, coffee-dyed designer paper, on-the-page pockets, more fold-out sheets, interactive elements, tuck spots, flowers, lace, doilies, more distressing, etc. But there was NO TIME! I barely has a couple evenings to work on this and for half of those evenings I would be busy looking for supplies because I lost track of stuff in the weeks I have been away from crafting. Anyway, I leave the results for you to judge!

Do let me know how you like it!

Oh, and about my narration--gosh! I have ALWAYS been awkward about my recorded voice...or even my voice on the phone! To the point that I'd rather write until my fingers ache than pick up the phone and place a call! But I could not film this demo without catching the sound of crisp coffee-dyed sheets...and the time it takes to caption mute vids is becoming increasingly difficult to afford! :/

Here are a few screen grabs, in case you are not watching the video!

Let me know what you think of it :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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