Prima "Coffee Break" 6x6 flippity flappity mini album a la Scrapbook Maven

Hello there! Yes, my voice is doing this little dance today because I am sharing another Prima project--and Prima, as you know already, is the absolute love of my life. If you have seen my other projects, (I recommend) you will realize that I am a vintage-loyalist. I do dabble in peppy contemporary themes but vintage is what I come home to--the neutral tones, the distressed edges, the oxidized metal--all that is old-worldly and charming. Most Prima collections lend themselves beautifully to vintage albums. Coffee Break, however, with its peppy yellow, fresh mint, and charming salmon pink has a vivacity that is best brought out by the shabby chic style. Hence, the white cardstock base. :)

My Prima stash should be the subject of another post--suffice it to say that within a couple months of being a scrapper, I picked up five Prima collections--Cartographer, The Archivist, Stationer's Desk, Coffee Break, and ...the one you have seen enough of--Something Blue! (Now what is a paper-fanatic supposed to do when two of her friends announce weddings in quick succession? Two Something Blue collections kits are just what the doctor ordered.) But, I digress.

Why Coffee Break? It had the unfair advantage of combining all my favorite things--eyeglasses, books, typewriters, vintage fonts, cups and saucers, cakes and confections, and coffee! What defense does a bespectacled chatterbox of an editor/proofreader have against such racing of the pulse? So the Coffee Break papers just could not wait!

By the time I started work on this project, in Aug-Sept 2015, I had completed two 6x6 pocket page minis following Ginger's tutorial (linked on the Honey Chai project share page). For this album, I wanted a different page style and opted for Scrapbook Maven's interactive pocket page style. Styles, rather... because she teaches four different ways of building the page--and I have used all four here.

I will stop now... and let the pictures speak!

This album has four page units--each made of a 12x12 inch sheet of cardstock.

For the front cover, I used Prima Coffee Break flowers, paper clips, laces, wood veneer stick pins, cardstock embellishment, cut-aparts, a Prima Archivist wood icon, and flatback bling and a crochet flower from my stash.

On the spine, I used metal charms and glass beads from my stash, a wood icon from the Prima Cartographer collection, and Prima lace.

The front inside cover and the first page unit:

The Eiffel Tower wood icon is from the Prima Archivist collection. (Oh! That collection is such a treasure for those in love with Paris, or the idea of it, like I am.)

I love making envelopes--here is one I made using the cork paper from the collection--it holds cut-aparts from the paper.

The second page unit:

The third page unit:

The edges have been punched using the Fiskars Apron Lace border punch. I love how it adds an English countryside touch.

The fourth page unit:

Sorry about the yellow tint! The sun stopped cooperating for a bit. 

By this time I was running out of sheets so you can see I used up the scraps and leftover cut-aparts. :)

The back inside cover:

On the cover of the tiny book is a crochet icon from the Prima Coffee Break collection. Prima Marketing does go all out with embellishments, doesn't it?

The book, made of one sheet of 12x12 inch cardstock (and two pieces of chipboard for the covers), has 7 pocket pages holding cropped 3x3 inch photo mats.

I will link the tutorial for this tiny book as soon as I can find it on Youtube. Sorry about that!

Update (2 May 2016): Here is the tutorial:

Each page unit of the larger album holds a 5.5x5.5 inch photo mat insert--the corners were rounded using the Stub-Deco (Green) Crop-a-dile Corner Chomper. I used the same tool to make the tabs on each insert.

Since each page unit has 5 pages each, I wanted the spine to be wide enough to allow room for expansion once I add the pictures.

Watch the video flip-through of this project because this album is rather difficult to photograph--all the flip outs and flip ups and flip downs--the interactivity--just does not frame well. :D 

Thank you for stopping by. Do leave a comment--it'd mean a lot! :)

More soon!


  1. Hello, I thought this album was really warm and happy, but also slightly pensive. The shabby chic style looks perfect. I do love Prima embellishments and look forward to doing some embellishing of my own! I found the way you used bits from the various Prima collections quite imaginative. Which pictures do you plan to put in? Sunny afternoon shots over the years?

    1. That's an idea, Tragicomic! I was thinking of pictures taken on lunch or coffee outings...or maybe pics with coworkers. Thank you so much for your thoughts on the album! Made my day! <3 Looking forward to working with you :D Yay!

  2. Really beautiful Suchi! I really love the colors you have chosen (especially the yellow on the cover page). One of my favorite elements is the tiny book on the back-inside cover. It is so cute! I also like one of the metal charms you have used -- the one with the image of a cup of coffee, a book, and reading glass. It is so apt for the theme. Every little detailing that you have done is incredible. Now, I am running out of adjectives to describe your work. :D

    1. RM, Thank you so so much for reading my post and for your comments! Aren't the charms darling? Haha... that tiny book is my favorite too! <3

  3. If your albums could describe a season each...this would be the perfect one for the bright and warm summer! Flowers, books, coffee...! I can't talk enough about the detailing and pro-ness and I also can't get over the pearl borders!! :D

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I found these colors summery too! Almost the colors of milkshakes! :D


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